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The school features the following programs and activities to enhance students’ holistic development and appreciate the teachers’ vital role in upbringing the values of the learner towards environmental awareness.

  • Moving Mountains

  • Signage Posting

  • From Trash to Cash

  • Oh My Gulay!

  • Invigorating Park

  • Tree of Life

  • Oplan Kalinisan/Pulot Brigada

Moving Mountains

A program that strengthens waste segregation management where trashes are labeled “nabubulok” (biodegradable) and “di nabubulok” (non-biodegradable). The segregation of trashes is maintained by the class adviser with the help of YES-O and SSG, the leading organizations of the campus. Students are encouraged to manage their waste by throwing it to a proper trash can because the name of the program alone advocates a safe and clean environment.

Signage Posting

Students are strongly motivated to save the environment by letting them understand their worth as steward of God’s creation. This activity reminds everyone that saving nature is saving future. By reading lots of signage posted around the vicinity of the campus, students develop sense of responsibility and create intellectual participation of submitting other signages, checked and approved by the language teachers. This aims to regain the beauty and strength of our nature which has been maltreated by the senseless neighbors.

From Trash to Cash Project

In accordance with RA 9003 or also known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, the YES-O launched this program to monitor the volume of plastic cups, bottles, and papers for the purpose of selling these to the nearest junk shops, and then converted into cash as part of the class funds to buy cleaning materials. It has the following objectives: to promote cleanliness and orderliness in the school; to strengthen project waste segregation that are recyclable in every class; to reinforce the student’s ability to promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle); to earn sufficient class funds for cleaning materials.

Oh My Gulay!

This activity falls on the agricultural product of the TLE department where students are advised to plant vegetables using the sacks they have brought in their respective sections. These are seen and displayed in the agricultural garden or even in front of the classroom for a greener plant box and fresh environment. The goals of the said program are as follows: to obtain clean and green surroundings; to create an atmosphere where both students and teachers can actively participate to promote and experience the harmonious co-existence between man and nature; to improve the existing condition of other gardens in the campus.

Invigorating Park

A park that is developed by the Science department. Fallen trees due to typhoons were cut and later served as tables and chairs for the students. The skills of the students are reflected on the beautiful plant arrangements, landscapes, and various designs of dish garden that adds color in the area.

Tree of Life

In support to the restoration, protection, sustainability, and conservation of the environment, the YES-O sees that youth are called to save mother earth by means of a tree planting. It is realized through the following objectives: to replant trees and bring back the grandeur of the environment; to help students initiate the importance of volunteerism for the protection and preservation of nature; to tie up with the Local Government Unit for the successful implementation of the tree planting activity.

Oplan Kalinisan/Pulot Brigada

Cleanliness around the vicinity of the campus is observed the whole day during class hours. Students are obliged to participate in the clean and green program of the school since the essence lies on the values inherited at home. This program aims to instill the students the sense of initiative in portraying good character.