A Fast Growing Institution

Narrative Pictorial Report


May 21-26, 2012

Amidst the growing population of Patul National High School is the completion of school’s facilities to improve the learning status and physical development around the vicinity of the campus. The goal to attain quality education faces the strong demand of meeting the needs of the learners. Yet, it’s a fact to shoulder responsibilities by making the institution a well-improved destination to visit. Reminiscing its early existence from borrower to owner of classroom buildings contribute a lot in inspiring stakeholders to feel empathy with the school’s existing dilemma.

Each school year produces products of accomplishment initiated by the city government. Both internal and external stakeholders display a community of oneness to come up with the following projects:

1. The visage of the classroom reflects a conducive learning site where things found in its four corners are newly repaired, repainted, and replaced by desirable furniture.

2. The walls of the classrooms are repainted for a better atmosphere; school’s benches are repaired and repainted as additional spots to maintain; computer laboratory is also repainted to bring enthusiasm while the learners are encouraged to be well-equipped with technical know-how; classrooms and offices are well improved with the uniform painting and physical arrangement.

3. The beauty of the school’s ground was made possible by the conglomerated efforts and skills of volunteers who are good in  landscaping.

4.  Additional comfort rooms were developed and constructed to cater urinal problems and improve unnecessary scent; school’s benches and lavatories are evidently seen with their useful functions; the construction of separate offices, the guidance and prefect of discipline play the most important role of maintaining peace and order among student-clienteles.

5. The drainage system is one of the needed facilities to improve especially when typhoon comes. Its on-going construction becomes the answer to the school’s flooded site. To minimize number of cutting classes, perimeter fence is another major project of the school where its construction is still on-going.

6. The on-going cultivation of different gardens with respective areas of maintenance shall be fully-developed through the guidance of botanical experts.

7. The school’s signage marks the name of our school which shall be known based on the outstanding projects to accomplish.


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